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Expert Industrial Powder Coating for Diverse Sectors

At Paradigm Coatings, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and expertise in providing top-tier industrial powder coating applications on large parts. Our services cater to diverse markets, including the industrial, architectural, and automotive sectors. We specialize in delivering exceptional finishes for oversized, heavy, or uniquely shaped components, ensuring that every project meets the highest quality and durability standards. Our capabilities extend beyond traditional boundaries, enabling us to serve clients with complex requirements across varied sectors.


Paradigm Coatings regularly collaborates with fabricators and architects to provide superior finishes for both interior and exterior architectural projects. Our expertise covers a wide range of applications, including trade show displays, storefront decorations, signage, decorative panels, and lighting fixtures. We offer powders that meet or exceed AAMA Specs 2604-05 and our Para Shield System for projects requiring enhanced protection. Our services include:

  • Trade Show Displays: Elevate your trade show presence with our expertly finished displays.
  • Custom Fabrications: We provide high-quality coatings for all your custom fabrication needs.
  • Store Displays: Enhance your store displays with our durable and attractive finishes.
  • Custom Window Mullions: Our coatings offer superior protection and aesthetics for window mullions.
  • Storefront Decorations: Make a lasting impression with our beautifully coated storefront decorations.
  • Doors and Jambs: We deliver exceptional finishes for doors and jambs, ensuring durability and style.
  • Sculptures: Preserve and beautify your sculptures with our professional powder coating services.


Paradigm Coatings is your go-to partner for all automotive projects, offering transformative services for automobile, motorcycle, snowmobile, and tractor parts. From small components to complete frames, we can restore your parts to like-new condition. If automotive restoration is your passion, bring your project to us; we are eager to help you complete it. Our expertise includes:

  • Car and Truck Frames: We restore car and truck frames to like-new condition with our expert powder coating.
  • Race Chassis: Our coatings provide superior protection and aesthetics for race chassis.
  • Miscellaneous: We handle a variety of automotive parts, ensuring top-tier finishes for all.


Paradigm Coatings excels in handling large and small specialty fabrications, capable of managing parts up to a 5,000-pound mass. We ensure that all machined surfaces are meticulously prepared, with threaded holes and studs properly protected. Our specialty powders are designed to resist oils and caustic fluids, offering a superior protective finish that stands the test of time, irrespective of fabrication complexities.

  • Structural Fabrications: We provide durable and precise powder coating for all structural fabrications.
  • Machine Frames: Enhance and protect your machine frames with our high-quality finishes.
  • Panels: Our coating services ensure panels are resilient and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Large and Small Weldments: We specialize in coating both large and small weldments to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Transfer Pumps: Protect your transfer pumps with our superior powder coating for longevity and performance.
  • Electrical Boxes: Our coatings offer excellent protection and durability for electrical boxes.

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